South Korean Masseuse in Liverpool Street

If you are in search of a daring, hot Asian babe to get frisky with you under then covers then you should visit me at my private apartment close to Liverpool Street station. Being a massage therapist for Asian deluxe Massage means I get to work with some for the best customers within my industry and I certainly have a special liking for the gentlemen of London.

I understand that you have a very busy schedule which is why I work early in the morning and late into the night so there is no need to worry, I will always be available to tend to your needs. It brings me great joy to provide my customers with relief and relaxation, especially in such a fun way.

As I am 27 years old, I am seen as one of the mature masseuses but this just means I have even more experience and skill when it comes to my profession. If you would like to experience a 5* erotic massage performed by a professional then all you need to do is call me.

AGE:                                                                                                                                  27

BUST:                                                                                                                             28A

HEIGHT:                                                                                                                         5’4

NATIONALITY:                                                                                                 Korean