Prostate Massage Liverpool St

Prostate Massage for Pleasure and Health

Prostate massage is not anything new. It has been used for medical purposes for decades and now it can be also used for pleasure. Many people seem to shy away from a Prostate massage but we are here to change your mind.

Sexy prostate masseuses that are ready when you are

Our extensive range of beautiful masseuses is available at our parlour or as a visiting massage service. This opens up the flexibility to receive your prostate massage of any of our massages and sexual services with us. Choose from beautiful Chinese, Japanese and South ladies ready to please every part of your body from head to toe.











What exactly is a prostate massage?

A prostate massage is seen as a pleasure massage and in fact, nothing matches it. This technique involves the masseuse placing a lubricated finger in your bottom and stimulating your prostate gland. We know this is invasive but it opens up a world of sexual pleasures that nothing else can match at all.

Why is a prostate massage so pleasurable?

A prostate massage is pleasurable due to the way it affects your body. The masseuse basically ignites and stimulates your male g spot (Yes it’s not a myth!) So it brings uncontrollable waves of orgasms that is hard to match and our clients love it!

Does a prostate massage hurt?

Our prostate massages shouldn’t hurt and the masseuse will take every precaution to make you feel comfortable. We understand you might be tense if it’s your first time.

But the girl you book with for your session will make you feel very comfortable throughout. If you feel any discomfort then it’s best to ask for a change of technique to ensure a pleasant experience throughout.

Does prostate massage have any health benefits?

Yes! But our service is not a substitute for visiting a doctor. And the masseuses are not in any way professional to deal with health problems. A prostate massage may help with things like premature ejaculation, prostatitis and more. It can also help you feel less stressed, awaken your senses and help you out sexually and give you the best orgasm of your life.

Where can I get my orgasmic prostate massage?

Here at Asian Deluxe Massage. We offer a range of massages but best of all we offer an outcall and incall service at a time and place that suits you day or night and our clients love this. So what is the best for you to book your massage with us? You will find our prices very reasonable!

Our Prices

Our prices for both incall and outcall

INCALLAt Our Location£130

  • At our massage parlour around Liverpool Street
  • Your choice of Massage*
  • Your choice of masseuse
  • Happy Ending included
  • Full Service for a small extra fee

Some massage prices may vary please speak to the reception team.

Book Now

Are you staying in a hotel or living around Liverpool Street or Central London?

Then an outcall massage could be perfect for you since you can just relax without visiting our parlour and allow the masseuse to visit you. She will arrive via taxi to your location and discreetly knock on your door ready for your session to begin. This can be anywhere around London including places like Hoxton, Shoreditch, Spitalfields, Chelsea, Westminster, and just about anywhere. Just give us a call with your location.

Want to visit our bespoke massage parlour?

To visit us you need to make an appointment and our massage parlour is located just near Liverpool Street station. This means you can arrive and have a discreet prostate massage session. We are easily accessible via tube, taxi, bus or train throughout Central London or anywhere in the city area.

What other massages do we offer?

If you are not really feeling a prostate massage we understand! We have plenty of other massages that are less pleasurable but still offer great sensations around your whole body. Remember our range of massages is for men only.

Tantric Massage – A fun-filled authentic full-body massage that oozes pleasure, fun and sexual energy that you will always remember. Also known as a Tantra massage.

Sensual Massage – Slow, calm and relaxing, This massage takes your body on a journey of relaxation and pleasure, something you might need in your life right now.

Body-to-Body Massage – Want a masseuse to grind up and down your naked body? Then a B2B massage could be perfect for you! Read more about it.

Lingam Massage – A dedicated penis massage that is more than just a handjob.

Nuru Massage – We only use the best gel to give you an authentic slip-and-slide experience that you will always remember. The way it should be done to Japanese standards.

Erotic Massage – The go-to choice of adult massages and covers everything you need to get a full experience much needed sexual nutrients for your body and mind. As you lose more and more control of your body and enter a dream-like state.

Full Service and Happy Ending

Each massage including our prostate massage includes a happy ending. This is the best choice! You can also upgrade to full service for a small extra cost.

Making a booking with us

So you are ready to make a booking with us? We are open every day of the week. From Monday through Sunday from 10:00 AM to 03:00 AM. Appointments are only made on the day you wish to book.